Khoryug is an association of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and nunneries working together under the leadership of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa for the environmental protection of the Himalayan region by practically applying the values of compassion and interdependence towards the Earth and all living beings that dwell here


Khoryug currently connects over 50 monasteries, nunneries and centers throughout India, Nepal and Bhutan in the Himalayas and South India.


As Buddhist practitioners, we believe that our actions must flow from our aspiration to benefit all sentient beings and safeguard our mother Earth and that this positive change in our societies must begin with ourselves first.


KHORYUG aims to develop a partnership with community based organizations and NGOs wherever there is a member monastery or center so that together with our communities, we can help and protect all life on Earth now and for the future.

"By working for the environment we bring benefit to the entire world. The very nature of environmental protection is virtuous."

H.H The 17th Karmapa


"We must prepare now for the difficulties and challenges that climate change and environmental degradation will bring in the future to our region and people"