Khoryug members throughout the Himalayas celebrated World Environment Day by cleaning local areas, planting trees and raising awareness about environmental protection.


Khoryug Nepal and Karmapa Service Society organized the Chintamani Ghat and Park Development Program with support from the Ward Office and Chintamani Improvement Committee.

The Chintamani (commonly known by Tibetan Buddhists as Rama Doleg) Cremation ground at Teku in Kathmandu is considered sacred by Tibetan Buddhists and most of them use this place for cremations.

More than 200 monks and nuns from monasteries, nunneries and Karmapa Sewa Samaj participated. The Program started with the leveling of the area, cleaning up and planting trees.

Representatives from the Ward and Chintamani Improvement Committee were also present.

The day began with member institutions organizing activities such as cleaning in neighborhood communities, schools and planting trees and flowers.

In addition, Pullahari Monastery monks held an environmental awareness program at the local school and conducted a cleaning and tree planting in the surrounding community.

Karma Leksheyling Monastery and Schools organized a tree planting on the hillsides around their monastery. 

Thrangu Tashi Yangste Monastery in Namo Buddha conducted an awareness raising session for the monks, followed by a cleaning of surrounding hillsides and sacred pilgrimage site of Namo Buddha.


Kagyu Tekchen Ling Monastery in Lava, West Bengal organized a tree planting on a hillside near their monastery that has experienced several landslides.

Bokar Monastery in Mirik, West Bengal organized an awareness raising event for school children led by Bokar Rinpoche, who then led the monks in a tree planting and community cleaning drive.

Samdrub Darjay Choling Monastery in Sonada, West Bengal conducted an extensive cleaning of a local dumping site in which monks and local lay people joined together to clean the public space.

Karma Drubgyu Thargay Ling Nunnery in Tilokpur, Himachal Pradesh also joined forces with community members to clean the local river, hillsides and sacred Tilokpur caves




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